SFI’s New Active Sponsor policy could Change your Rank


“Beginning May 1st, 2017, SFI will employ a new, accelerated roll-up/compression policy so as to provide a higher level of support and leadership companywide.” – Gery Carson SFI

Just logging in and having 250 VP every 45 days will keep you active as a sponsor and retain your affiliates.

It has become apparent that many affiliates sponsor others but do not communicate with them.  To remedy this situation, all sponsors of affiliates will now be required to:

Log in at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days

Affiliates failing to meet these two requirements will immediately and permanently forfeit all PSAs to their next eligible sponsor in their genealogy.

Source: New Active Sponsor policy

“I have tried many different businesses, and I’ve made some money and lost…well, LOTS of money in the process. Then, I found SFI and thought “if it’s free, it won’t work,” since I didn’t believe anything worked if it was free. But I gave it a try anyway. And of all the businesses I have tried in the past, SFI makes me actually EXCITED to log in to my Affiliate Center daily! I love SFI! Thank you so much for this chance of a lifetime!!!!”

R. ABAIGAR, Philippines

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