I joined a home business and now I have a strong future #sfimg

I joined a home business called SFI. I am pretty excited about it. SFI stands for Strong Future International. I was a member way back when the company began almost 20 years ago. I made one commission check back then before quitting the program.

I was surprised and happy to see that they were still around.I opened a new account with them in 2015 and started the training but I did not decide to look into it again until now. I am surprised again to report that it isn’t a big scam.


SFI is a marketing company. I am considered an affiliate. We give away free storefronts at SFI’s marketplace called Triple Clicks in exchange for a share of the profits in the company. It is actually a pretty viable business. It is not a get rich quick or easy gig. You have to work the program to make any money.I have already started to see income potential in just three days of working the program, I  already have a team of 8 affiliates under me.

Triple Clicks allows anyone who signs up with them to list their items for sale for free. Fees are charged only when an item has sold. This makes opening an online shop much more accessible for someone with limited funds to start out with.

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Within the Triple Clicks store, there are three additional sections to enjoy and promote.

PriceBender Auctions – pay per bid penny auctions

Eager Zebra Games – compete with people from all over the world

Wave 3 promotions – discover new music and rate new artists

We are also responsible for recruiting new affiliates who also want to give away free storefronts.


If you are someone who wants to earn a small income from home (it could grow to a huge income after several years in the program) check out the SFI business. It is one of the longest running online affiliate programs and is active internationally, almost worldwide.

You can earn commissions on the sales made by your recruits. The site collects a listing fee for each transaction like eBay or PayPal would. You, as an affiliate can take a cut of those fees. There are plenty of ways to earn from SFI.

If you want to see more, please visit parker.sfidreambiz.com

Join me and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!


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