SFI’s New Active Sponsor policy could Change your Rank

  "Beginning May 1st, 2017, SFI will employ a new, accelerated roll-up/compression policy so as to provide a higher level of support and leadership companywide." - Gery Carson SFI Just logging in and having 250 VP every 45 days will keep you active as a sponsor and retain your affiliates. It has become apparent that many affiliates … Continue reading SFI’s New Active Sponsor policy could Change your Rank

4 Health Problems Freelancers Are Facing Today

As a freelancer do you suffer from health problems or did you start freelancing because you already have health issues? For me, I was sitting at home on disability and needed something to occupy my mind.

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As I celebrate my 7th year anniversary as a freelancer, I came across this question from a fellow member of a freelancer group I belong to,  “Wala kang ibang nararamdaman na pagbabago sa katawan mo?” (Don’t you feel any changes in your body?).  I know what he meant by asking me that. I know that working online full time for 7 years will bring some changes to your body or should I say “health”. He might be feeling something in his body after hours of sitting and working in front of his computer that’s why he came up with that question. Well, I can’t deny that there are changes and I answered him, “yes, I gained weight” and laugh at my comment. However, that is 100% true and it attracts comments from my co-freelancers, agreeing with the statement.

Working online has pros and cons and one of the…

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How to Write an Irresistible Love Triangle — A Writer’s Path

by Whitney Carter Ah, the love triangle. For the romantically inclined, is there anything more enticing, more gut-wrenching? The passion, the torn desires, the often vastly different futures – it’s simply too much! *back of hand to forehead in fainting gesture!* Okay, I’ll stop. But in all seriousness, a well-written triangle can have your […] via … Continue reading How to Write an Irresistible Love Triangle — A Writer’s Path

The Greatest Dinner Parties in Cinema History — Flavorwire

Best Dinner Parties https://www.youtube.com/embed/B4lZcEY4nII?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent There are a few key components to the ultimate dinner party: good food, interesting guests, and of course, the perfect cocktail. For that, we rely on Woodford Reserve, which also inspired this roundup of the greatest dinner parties in cinema history. Dig in. Big Night An exacting Italian-American chef and his … Continue reading The Greatest Dinner Parties in Cinema History — Flavorwire